This project is in its beginning stages and has a tremendous amount of potential. Tambor´s bay is the only one in the whole Nicoya peninsula with concession aproval.

Many boats have used this location to anchor, launch bioluminesce, scuba diving, fishing tours and more. Having the opportunity to dock at this location will provide a much more regulated and relaxed environment.

This Marina will be located next to a small fishing village within a geographical point that is a natural barrier reef perfect for parking boats and yachts. This project will allow the canton of Cobano to have a safe area to board boats and sailboats.

The concession is approved for up to 25 years with the option to renew prior to the ending period.

A one-of-a-kind milestone offer. Do not pass up the opportunity to get involved with this project during its development stages as it will surely be a milestone project for the Tambor area and the Nicoya Peninsula as a whole.