This burger restaurant has more than 15 years of experience within Santa Teresa. It has a capacity for 85 people. It is located at the most strategic point, on the main street and in front of one of the largest hostels, Selina and many other hotels and hostels in the vicinity. Its location is surrounded by a gastronomic walk that gives them visibility when deciding where to eat.

In its extensive menu there are 8 recommended combinations of exclusive burgers of the brand. All products are of high quality: artisanal breads, fresh vegetables, meat cakes of different variety (grass fed, angus, entrails, and classic ground.) You will also find on the menu, appetizers, typical dishes, salads and children’s menu.

The restaurant being more than 15 years in the town has a great acceptance by local citizens, which allows much more repercussion with tourists since they recommend constantly. They also work with the best known surf camp in the area, which usually brings between 25 and 40 people.

Excellent opportunity to own one of the best known restaurants in Santa Teresa. Contact us for more information such as marketing plans, costs and projections.