Benefits of Living at the Beach

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For most of human history nearly half of the world’s population has lived within 100 kilometers of a coast line and for good reason. If you’ve ever been to the beach you know how instantly relaxing and somehow, at the same time, invigorating the sun, sand, and water can be. From the scents and smells to the sounds of crashing waves, every fine detail seems to feed into the experience and now science has started to explore just what it is about beaches that makes our minds and bodies feel so much better. With these recent discoveries, RE/MAX Pura Vida wants to help make your life better by getting you to some of the best beaches in the world and help you make them home.

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First and foremost, has got to be stress relief. In today’s modern society, stress can come from every direction and we’ve become so used to being stressed, that it’s hard to imagine life without it. RE/MAX Pura Vida is here to tell you that in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, we’re almost all lovingly living nearly stress free year-round. It could easily be because no matter where you are in town, it’s just a short walk to some of the best beaches in Costa Rica where the repetitive sound of crashing waves and sea gulls seems to stimulate the senses into relaxation or it could be that it’s simply hard to get frustrated with anything when you’re constantly finding appreciation in the beauty surrounding you.

And speaking of beauty, Santa Teresa is full of beach bodies! Another thing associated with living near the coast is an increase in physical activity. With common beach access via walking paths, the limitless accessibility of beaches makes it effortless and enjoyable to get that blood flowing. Did you know that Costa Rica has 1,290km of coastline? That’s a whole lot of room for beach walks and private sunset yoga sessions! We haven’t even mentioned the waves yet, either. Just getting out in the water for a bit whether for a swim, surf session, or paddle board excursion will do loads for your health. The whole washboard abs and tan body look that dominates popular culture today has its roots in surf culture and you can be right there with them by just picking up a new ocean hobby.

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Besides tightening up that body and giving you all the looks, that extra time spent on the beach will do loads for your health. Just an hour spent laying out tanning is said to provide a serious dose of Vitamin D, an antidepressant and immune system booster. Couple that with some time spent in the water with a new-found hobby and you’ll be getting far more than an apple a day to keep that pesky doctor away. Salt water baths, for quite some time, have been known to increase blood flow and relax muscles. Now they’re finding that the world’s largest salt bath, the ocean, actually contains magnesium which helps to regulate your sleep cycle on top of the other benefits. Makes since when you find that surfers are usually sunrise to sunset kind of people that are in bed by 9PM, despite popular belief.

So, how you can have a social life if you’re surfing from sun up to sun down and in bed by 9PM. Well no problem here. Whether you’re chatting in the lineup or telling stories over a grilling fish you caught kayaking earlier in the day, most activities here end up being social. From Hermosa to Mal Pais, Costa Rican locals are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It’s easy to stop and chat for 30 minutes or more multiple times whilst just on a beach walk and those little bits of genuine conversation sprinkled about the day does a huge amount for one’s psyche.

Hard to believe a place can do so much for a person, but there’s the evidence. There are simply not many places to live that are better than a beach. RE/MAX Pura Vida wants to find you the best Costa Rica real estate and new home that gives you all these benefits as soon as possible.

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