Closing Costs in Costa Rica

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Buying property can be the single most important decision and process of an individual’s life. And doing so in a foreign country can seem like even more a daunting task. Sure, you’ve got a property in mind and a general sale price, perhaps you’ve even started negotiating, but when it’s all said in done, it can often amount to more than expected. RE/MAX Pura Vida & Dextra Law wants to make sure you’ve got a general idea of where the final numbers will land, so you can go ahead and start the process of making your dream of owning land in Costa Rica a reality. When trying to calculate closing costs, there are a fair number of variables. We asked our friends & lawyers at Dextra Law to help try to break those down in broad strokes, so you can do some rough calculations on your own.**

If you decide to go another more traditional route and transfer the ownership of the property to a person, such as yourself, the closing cost in Costa Rica will include transfer taxes, a National Registry Stamp, as well as various documentary stamps and duties, usually totaling somewhere close to 3.5% of the total sale price.

Next is the Notary Registration Fees, usually around 2%, but actually consisting of varying percentages depending on the total value. For a sales price up to 11,000,000 Costa Rican Colones (roughly $19,000 USD), the Notary Registration Fee is 2%. After the initial 11,000,000 CRC and up to 16.500.000 CRC, a percentage of 1.5% will be added on to the exceeding 5.500.000 CRC of the first bracket and then again from 16.500.000 CRC to 33.000.000 CRC a percentage of 1.25% will be added on to exceeding 16.500.000 CRC of the second bracket. Finally, any amount above 33.000.000 will be charged an additional 1%. to the grand total.

For example, if the purchase price is set at $500,000 (290,000,000 CRC) the buyer will pay as follows: First Bracket of 2% up to 11,000,000 CRC = 220,000CRC; Second Bracket up to 16,500,000 will be charged 1.5%= 82.500CRC; Third Bracket up to 33,000,000 will be charged 1.25% = 206,250CRC and Forth Bracket up to 290,000,000 CRC will be charged 1% = 2,570,000 CRC

Traditionally the closing costs are paid by the buyer while the sales commission is paid for by the seller, but for some properties, the buyer and seller reach a mutual agreement in closing cost fees. Don’t sweat it though, as they tend to be relatively negligible numbers compared to purchasing you dream property. Additional costs may include setting up a buying company for a transaction, topography, promissory notes, option and escrow contracts, and additional due diligence, but don’t hesitate to stop in to RE/MAX Pura Vida if you have any questions or would like to see some of our amazing properties.

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**Please note these are estimates & at the time of posting were correct, they are subject to change.

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