Custom Sustainable Homes For Sale

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Costa Rica’s leading draw these days is its Eco-Tourism. Eco-conscious people from around the world are flocking to this tiny nation to see the variety of nature it boasts. From volcanoes to cloud forests, there is something for everyone and the Nicoya Peninsula is no different. Having the ability to disappear into the seemingly remote jungle with like-minded, forward thinking peers while still being able to dip your toes into a diverse town with a festive community is a balance many look for worldwide. Well, look no further, RE/MAX Pura Vida has you covered. With these two options centered around sustainability, nature, and community you’ll be sure to find your future home to plant your roots.

Eco-Housing Development

Sustainable Homes For Sale

Mal Pais is known for some of the best fishing in Costa Rica, boasting its own fishing village in addition to numerous rocky outcrops with tide pools and reef breaks that are known to be the best surf spots in town when the conditions are right. In addition, the slower building up of the area has meant the wildlife has stuck around in abundance. This unique eco-housing development is the perfect spot to build sustainably so you can pull that abundance of nature into your everyday life. With lots starting at $114,000 and lots with homes starting at $270,000, you can choose to build or fast-forward to move-in day, regardless you’ll have access to the 20,000 square meter nature reserve and its walking trails, just next door.

No need to worry, as with a community development such as this one, the planning has already been taken care of, so year-round road access, electricity, internet, phone, and private water from an on-site deep well are available with just a phone call. Come make your home in the canopy of some of the best beaches and surrounded by some of the most abundant wildlife in all of Central America. Model homes for the development are available for viewing and purchase, so contact RE/MAX Pura Vida to take a look at what could make your dreams come true!

Custom Made Luxury Homes

Santa Teresa Luxury Home

Want to be a little closer to town and a little more in the thick of things? This private, gated condominium project is one of a kind in the area and happens to be directly across from Santa Teresa’s most popular surf break. When the waves are pumping this is where you’ll want to be, and when they’re not you’ll be able to hide away in a luxury condominium built custom to your needs. Priding themselves on sustainable development and build practices including water catchment and recycling, this paradise community spans over 24 hectares and quietly neighbors a 4-hectare private nature reserve so you’re ensured to have just the right amount of nature spill over into your beautiful home. A guardhouse, general maintenance, concierge services and in-house property management, means that you won’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to, and there’s no risk of passer-byes from the conveniently located nearby shops and restaurants. Starting at $450,000, the convenience, location, and luxury are unmatched in the Santa Teresa area, so stop in to RE/MAX Pura Vida to get all the details on the soon-to-be envy of all your friends and family.

Customization, personalization, and sustainability seem to be the name of the game in this day and age, but not everyone is an architect or an environmentalist. It takes a community to make this world a better place and by buying into either of these wonderful development projects, you’ll be able to do your part, all while making one of the top tourism destinations in the world a little bit your own. With the tools in place to build using the right ideals and prime locations surrounded by a community of eco-conscious friends and family, the support is here, all you have to do is make the leap. So, stop into RE/MAX Pura Vida and ask for more details and what other options we have to show you.

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