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It’s surf season in Santa Teresa all year long. With some of the best beaches in Costa Rica serving up some of the greatest and most varying surf breaks around, people flock to the Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, and Mal Pais year after year to chase the life that starts every day on the perfect wave. And as they return, they bring more friends and family with them each time making the Nicoya Peninsula, and particularly Santa Teresa, a growing hotspot. Prices go up and availability down as people scramble to make a little piece of paradise their own. Seems like the best way to get a deal is to have heard about it from someone in the know. Exclusivity is the name of the game and RE/MAX Pura Vida has the inside scoop on a couple dream buys we think you ought to know about.

Delicias Ocean View Land

Delicias Oceanview

Many of us who come to the area are of an adventurous breed, seeking exploration and excitement over the sights and sounds of the city. RE/MAX Pura Vida understands there might not be a home out there that will quench the thirst and settle the soul of such a free spirit yet, so we’d like to introduce you to dream yet to be built. This massive 31,000 square meter lot is a versatile plot of land with endless possibilities. Fertile and surrounded by Costa Rican jungle as well as boasting a stunning ocean view, this breathtaking property is just 15 minutes from both of the best beaches on either side of the peninsula. With both power and water already available and the lot zoned for segregation, you can get started right away, even opting to sell off a small section in order to grow your dream bigger and better, faster. We could go on and on about the impressiveness of this exclusive property, but we recommend just taking a look at this video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this short video is a book with your destiny written in it.

Santa Teresa Hostel – JUST REDUCED!!! 

Santa Teresa Hostel

Alright, so let’s tone down the adventure a bit and take a look at the “hotspot” aspect of the area. As you may already know, there is always something new popping up to help accentuate the paradise experience from Mal Pais to Santa Teresa. Whether it’s a new restaurant, dance venue, or yoga studio, they’re all trying to draw people in for their piece of the action. Well, RE/MAX Pura Vida has the proverbial golden ticket with this exclusive, centrally located Santa Teresa Hostel going on to the market. Everyone has to sleep, and while they’re there, you might as well feed and entertain them as well. With all permits up-to-date, electricity, water, and boasting room for 65 beds, this already well-established hostel is as turn-key as it gets. 2,372 square meters just 100 meters from one of the best beaches in all of Central America and skillfully tucked away from the hustle and bustle, you’ll want an in-person tour of this property because listing them here just doesn’t do justice to many of its unique amenities. Things like a 100% soundproofed and air-conditioned lounge built to seat up to 100 guests, the fully equipped maintenance shop and “multipurpose” rooms, or a purpose-built business center for guests just aren’t going to be found anywhere else nearby, certainly not all in one place!

RE/MAX Pura Vida will have more exclusive deals for you in weeks to come, but until then do yourself a favor and check in on these yin and yang of lot options. Whether you’re the dreamer looking to build your sanctuary on a jungle mountaintop, or you’re looking to help share this place with friends and strangers alike as soon as possible, these exclusive lots can help you get there fast. Build your dream, or take over someone else’s and mold into your own. Whatever the case, we at RE/MAX Pura Vida want to be a part of it!

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