Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Mal Pais, this captivating beachfront property embodies the essence of coastal luxury living. The expansive grounds boast an existing event space, meticulously designed to host memorable gatherings against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.  The swimming pool serves as a focal point for leisure and relaxation, offering a refreshing respite from the tropical sun. Adjacent to the pool, an iconic Airstream has been artfully transformed into a commercial kitchen.

Beyond its current offerings, this property holds immense potential for further development. With permits in place to construct a residential home, the discerning owner is afforded the opportunity to craft their own private sanctuary amidst this idyllic setting. Whether as a personal retreat, a lucrative rental investment, or a combination of both, this prospect opens doors to diverse income streams, ensuring both financial prosperity and a cherished coastal lifestyle.

  • 2,919m2
  • Concession Approved
  • Residential Zoning
  • 40% Coverage with a Maximum Height of 7 Meters