New! Mal Pais Costa Rica Real Estate

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Build your own or buy a temple, RE/MAX Pura Vida has exciting new Mal Pais, Costa Rica Real Estate! There are so many new properties coming up for sale in the Mal Pais area we wanted to rush to get the news out to everyone. Mal Pais, known for its nature reserve, fishing village full of bluefin tuna, and tide pools with a view, is just moments away from the surf haven of Santa Teresa and budding residential area of Playa Hermosa. This makes Mal Pais a prime getaway for people from all walks of life. From ready-to-build lots, priced incredibly for the Blue Zone area, to hilltop summit getaways with views from a postcard, the excitement about the Mal Pais is real. RE/MAX Pura Vida has the scoop on the newest opportunities and even a bonus, massive prices reduction, so without further adieu, let us present some fantastic new Mal Pais, Costa Rica Real Estate.

Bali Inspired Ocean View Home

First up is a home of utter luxury that is something of a grand design. Architecturally styled after temples of the paradise island of Bali, the style of this home is open air in every sense with a design that captures cool ocean breezes rushing up the hillside using grandiose, cupping overhangs to drive the air over all interior walls to every corner of the home. Balinese intricately designed wooden lattice and bamboo accents allows light to trickle in while large gapping views paint the picturesque scene into the common areas of the home. Tranquil and delightfully secluded up a private road, this 41,110 square meter property boasts additional build sites for expansion and a 40ft infinity pool designed to reflect world-famous sunsets into the home. There is plenty of potential in this opportunity, so stop in for a tour sometime.

Mal Pais Ocean View Home

Ecologically built homes with passive cooling designs are becoming a theme in architecture recently and that thought process has made its way into the Southern Nicoya area as well. In Mal Pais, sits a home that is as cool looking as it is cool in temperature. A round design of wrap-around porches with calculatedly large cantilevered porches and a thermally venting skylight gives the house a feeling in that it could fly away at any moment simply by tugging a secret lever somewhere inside the home. 360-degree views of the Mal Pais coastline and poolside rancho to further accent the home make this a property worth checking out on their own, but the house itself is truly something to behold.

2 Ocean View Properties Mal Pais

There is so much opportunity in this next property, RE/MAX Pura Vida is really excited. Zoned agriculturally with two ocean view building areas and bordering a seasonal river there are so many incredible design elements that could come out of this property. At 12,200 square meters and up an private road, quiet seclusion is a given despite being a few minutes’ drive from the main cross roads where many popular shops and restaurants are located. Dense jungle surrounds create a cooling effect on the property and are sure to provide additional shade to any structures strategically placed on the lot. If you’re looking pass on the amazing designs above and create your own masterpiece, this double ocean view property is a good place to start.

Mal Pais Spacious Street Front Lot

That this property is even available and hasn’t already been developed already is amazing. Couple that with the fantastic asking price for the lot and this opportunity could be one of a lifetime. Secluded by surrounding vegetation and yet literal steps from the town’s bustling main crossroads, this 1000 square meter property has the potential to become anything. Zoned both residential and commercial, buyers could build anything from a home to hotel, surf camp to strip mall and the location would work out perfectly. This lot is a clean slate, a blank canvas, primed for greatness in the right hands.

Priced to Sell! Res. & Comm. Lot

This week RE/MAX Pura Vida is adding in a bonus property to our summary of new Mal Pais Costa Rica Real Estate. This opportunity recently has a recent price reduction and is now priced to sell in a big way! With a small very basic structure and electricity already hooked up, this 2,242 square meter lot is perfect for someone on a budget looking to jump in and get started on their dreams without delay. We see a lot of potential with a property like this in an area as renowned as Mal Pais and such a low price point.

RE/MAX Pura Vida has so many great opportunities as our beloved town and the area we call home grows. We wanted to rush these out to all, so we can share this place with others and help people discover their dreams. Whether looking to develop, craft your own home, or hop into a turnkey, RE/MAX Pura Vida wants to be your first stop. Check back in for new Mal Pais Costa Rica Real Estate and upcoming Luxury Santa Teresa Costa Rica Homes For Sale.

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