Post-Quarantine Real Estate Home Trends: Turnkey & Building

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It is no secret that due to stay-at-home orders we have all been evaluating our houses under a microscope, the aspects that are working for us and the ones that once seemed significant are now not as important. While certain features will always remain as valuable criteria (e.g. location, views) there is no doubt that the future buyers will be adding a few new amenities to their list of “must-haves”.

Here is a quick list of trends we see buyers looking for in future purchases of either a turnkey home or land space for their next build in Costa Rica.

– Ample Outdoor Space

Without a doubt we will all have a greater appreciation for access to the outdoors post quarantine. While our clients have always looked for nature and jungle surroundings, now uses of those areas have become more focused on. Many will look for spaces ideal for planting fruits, herbs and veggies, while others will make sure there is room for their kids to play or perhaps just a space to catch some rays of sunshine and relax without leaving the property.

– Usable Kitchen Space

Safe to say after some quantity time at home some of us have become top chefs in the kitchen! Of course an area to cook was always a must-have, now we believe an upgraded, functional and well thought out kitchen will be on the top of everyones list. A generous space to perfect those recipes, bake those breads and most importantly spend quality time with loved ones.

– Multi-purpose Room(s)

Most of us have been working from home and now see the need to have an at-home office space. Multi-purpose rooms can be a great way to adapt to any situation. The room can be used as an office, a guest room or even a playroom, or home-schooling area, for the young ones at home.

– Sufficient Storage Space

This time has reminded us that being prepared is always a good thing. That being said having sufficient, and defined, storage space in a home is key. One trend we predict to see is the implementation of more storage pantry’s in homes, a great way to store food and supplies safely. In addition to in-home storage, outdoor storage for tools, gardening materials, toys etc will also be important for home-buyers and builders.

These are just a few of the items we see being at the top of future buyers lists. If you plan on putting your current home on the market soon these can also be ideas on how to upgrade your home to add value!

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