The Absolute Worst Things About Living in Costa Rica (According to People Who Clearly Don’t Get It)

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Living in Costa Rica. Buckle up, future homeowners and adrenaline seekers, because we’re about to take a satirical dive into the ostensibly “dark side” of life in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. As the creative minds behind RE/MAX Pura Vida, we’ve chosen to reveal the horrible secrets and unbearable problems that await anyone brave enough to live in this tropical paradise. Prepare for an ironic ride as we investigate some of the worst aspects of life in Costa Rica!

Endless Ocean Views

Imagine waking up every morning to the stunning sight of the Pacific Ocean reaching as far as the eye can see. Mother Nature has the audacity to provide us with breathtaking sunsets and the rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the shore. When your view is basically a postcard, it’s tough to find something to blame for having a bad day.

Too Many Adventure Options

Costa Rica, why do you afflict us with too many options for adventure? It’s as if this place begs us to have too much fun, from surfing clean waves to exploring lush rainforests filled with wildlife. Wouldn’t we rather be delayed in traffic or wait in line at a theme park?

Pura Vida Mindset

The residents’ devotion to the Pura Vida lifestyle is tiring. It seems as though they have discovered the secret to unending bliss because they are constantly around people who radiate positivity and adopt a laid-back attitude. Can’t we just have some grouchy neighbors who never return our waves?

Living in Costa Rica with Tropical Climate All Year

Living somewhere where the weather is consistently warm and tropical is, to be honest, a little too predictable. What’s the fun in not having to deal with snowstorms or frigid temperatures? Every morning, we’d much rather be shoveling snow or scraping ice off our windshields.

The Abundance of Fresh, Local Produce

Oh, the misery of having year-round access to an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s almost criminal how simple it is to eat properly when there’s an abundance of excellent, locally farmed vegetables. Please, more packaged snacks and fast food restaurants.

Living in Costa Rica, may not be suitable for everyone. If you prefer traffic jams, snowy commutes, and a general lack of adventure, this is most likely not your cup of gallo pinto. But visitors looking for breathtaking views, exhilarating activities, and an abundance of Pura Vida vibes will have to settle for the “worst” Costa Rica has to offer. RE/MAX Pura Vida is here to help you navigate these horrible options and locate your own corner of paradise. Who truly needs all of this happiness and natural beauty?

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