Top 5 Free Things To Do in Santa Teresa

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So, you’re in Santa Teresa and you’re traveling on a budget. We understand completely, every little bit counts when we’re trying to save for our dream homes. Well while, you’re cruising the area looking for the best place to plant your roots, RE/MAX Pura Vida has you covered with the top free activities to do in the area! Put the cash away, it’s time for an adventure!


What if we told you there was an event that’s going on every day, and regardless of what else is going on, everyone in town stops whatever it is they’re doing to attend? Well there is, and they do! Sunsets in Santa Teresa have become known as some of the most beautiful in the world! Stroll down any beach path late afternoon and witness the jungle open up into a palette of colors like you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re chasing the infamous “green flash”, socializing and discussing dinner plans, or having a romantic picnic during “magic hour”, the ever-changing stages of sunset in Santa Teresa are so beautiful, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have to buy a ticket.


Find yourself craving some beach time earlier in the day? No worries, there are plenty of things to do without dropping a dime! Go for a dip and try some bodysurfing in the long breaks of Playa Carmen or wander South towards Mal Pais to find one of many tide pools resting almost in the ocean itself. Its easy to spend hours discovering the Santa Teresa beaches. With so many rocky alcoves, jungle clearings, old growth trees, and small caves spotted around it’s easy to find the perfect spot to catch some solar rays, take a nap, or get lost in a book.


Maybe you’re looking for a bit more adventure though. A must-see activity for anyone visiting the area is definitely the Montezuma waterfall. Actually, made of up 3 waterfalls that gradually grow in size, a short hike will bring you to the base of the largest. This is the perfect spot to have lunch before going for a swim and there are plenty of places to pose for a picture or dive in off surrounding boulders. Hike up another trail to the top to find the other two, smaller falls and their accompanying swimming holes. There’s a cliff jump here for those looking to add a little excitement to their day too. Everyone is going to ask you if you jumped off when you come back, so go for it!


So, what to do after a day of adventure and feeling like the ultimate human from your first cliff jump? How about a bonfire? Sitting around a fire and gazing up at the sky is an activity as old as mankind itself and Santa Teresa is one of the best places in the world to do it. Our tiny jungle paradise is fairly isolated meaning there is almost no light pollution. Gather up a group of friends, because its always best to be in a group on the beach at night, cozy up next to the fire and lay back to stare at the stars. Seeing the Milky Way stretch across the night sky like a smile is almost a nightly occurrence and spotting a shooting star has become nearly commonplace. If you have a high-end camera, there’s sure to be a few shots you’ll want to savor forever.

Organic & Craft Market

If you’re visiting on a Saturday, a great thing to do is to check out the weekly Organic Market. This pop-up market in Santa Teresa is full of locally grown fruits and veggies along with hard-to-find products like kombucha, kefir, dehydrated fruits, home-made peanut butter, fresh pressed coconut oils. You’ll have to pay for these products, of course, so technically they aren’t free, but with a drum circle accompanied by local musicians and all the local crafts to look at, its easy to just browse and still have a good time. Maybe bring some cash though, there might be something here you decide you can’t live without!

Wow, so much to do, and all of it without spending a single colón! This is a wonderful town we live in and we want you to join us! Stop in for a visit and let us know if you have any questions. RE/MAX Pura Vida is more than happy to help and point you in the direction of any of these activities! Once you’re all saved up, stop back by and we’ll show you all the amazing accommodations in the area that could be all yours!

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