Top Real Estate Trends: Costa Rica 2019

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Whether you’re in the market to sell or in the market to buy, it’s always important to know how things are trending. RE/MAX Pura Vida knows how important it is to be ahead of the curve and that’s why we’ve thrown together a breakdown of the top real estate trends of 2019 in our corner of paradise known as the Southern Nicoya of Costa Rica. From Mal Pais to Playa Hermosa and all throughout Santa Teresa, mountain to sea, fantastic opportunities are popping up everywhere. Whether you’re looking to invest in your own personal getaway or trying to put together an enjoyable investment that will pay back dividends, RE/MAX Pura Vida has the need-to-know for Santa Teresa and its surrounding exotic locales.

Turnkey Vacation Rentals

With all the tourism in the area the rental income properties have been the top of the bell
curve. For anywhere from a few hundred thousand up to just under a million, RE/MAX Pura
Vida can put you in a dream second home that will basically rent itself and pay back its own
investment when you’re not there. Imagine a jungle retreat with an ocean view that you’ll not
only be able to brag about back at work, but that you’ll actually be able to convince friends and family to pay you to stay at. From Mal Pais to Playa Hermosa, white sand beaches and exotic birds will flutter amongst the lush floral growth that is sure to accent any of the rental income properties we offer.

Boutique Hotels

Perhaps the idea is to make an investment that one could live off though. Another top trend in the area is the Boutique Hotel market. These extravagant and intricately built modern castles will take your breath away. Each one an artistic vision of an architect or owner, these multi-million dollar businesses are sure to already have a reliable customer base and staff. Turn-key ready to return cash, these amazing Boutique Hotels are usually either on the beach
or with a view like something out of a painting. Boutique Hotels are likely to attract a high-end customer base that will net hundreds per night with their extravagant terraces and infinity pools that appear to expand seamlessly over the horizon.

Jungle View Property

Another trend has been for those looking to save on their investments. Whether people
are buying up property to build their dreams on or investing in a part-time home, there has been a trend of individuals moving out to snag jungle views over the often over-prioritized ocean view feature. There’s only so much real estate with an ocean view and sellers are starting to recognize this and adjust their sale price as such. RE/MAX Pura Vida still has some fantastic deals on ocean view properties, but the bargains are the jungle views. Surrounded by lush fauna, sometimes bordered by a nature reserve, and with cascading landscapes that accent
distant views speckled throughout by soaring parakeets and local hawks , the jungle vista properties are often where savings are found.

We know you’re a trendsetter, so feel free to tell RE/MAX Pura Vida exactly what you want so we can help to make that dream a reality. Whether you’re looking for a boutique hotel or a turn-key rental property RE/MAX Pura Vida can help you decide on that jungle or ocean view and help you understand what trends can affect those bargains. Follow the trend or go against the grain and forge your own path, RE/MAX Pura Vida will be there with a helping hand. Be sure to check in for more of the top real estate trends as well as the multitude of ever growing
opportunities RE/MAX Pura Vida has to offer.

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