5 Fun Adventures in Santa Teresa

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In between viewing property for your next vacation home or investment, take a moment and hang like a local! Costa Rica is the perfect spot to fuel your adventure, relax your mind & experience a true ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.

Here are a few ideas of what to do for fun & adventure in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Between the country roads, towering forests, dense jungles, pristine beaches & warm waters, Mal Pais has something for all tastes of adventure

Take a surf lesson. 
If you’ve ever wanted to learn to surf, Costa Rica is the place for you. Surfing might seem like an exclusive club, but like any sport, there are terms and safety guidelines that you should learn before you get in the water. Also, while it looks like surfers just pop up to their feet, there is actually a lot to learn about wave shape and behavior, tides, rip currents and channels. So working with a seasoned surf instructor from 360 Surf Shop, can take you from zero to standing in the matter of one lesson.Or, if you already know how to surf, spending an afternoon with a surf teacher can help break bad habits and take your surfing to the next level.

Rent an ATV. This is one of the most exciting ways to see the area. Feel the sense of freedom with the breeze whipping through your hair as you race up dirt roads and down uneven paths. Even if you’ve never ridden a quad before, you can learn quickly to ride safely and go places quickly and easily. Zoom up to Montezuma for the lunch or head to Manzanillo for sunset at the corner bar, the Atardacer Dorado.

Take a fishing tour.
Costa Rican waters are teeming with fantastic fishing. All the fishermen in town know exactly where to go and how to find and lure the best sport fishing. Dorado (mahi mahi), yellow-fin tuna, snook, snapper, grouper all make tasty meals back at your hotel. Plus, fishing tours are a great way for your group to have a fun time on the water and make some unforgettable memories. You have the option of chartering a boat out of Mal Pais fishing village or up your ante and try your hand at kayak fishing!

Rent a bike.
A basic bike rental is an inexpensive way to have a fun day adventure to some places just outside the main drag. Pack a picnic and head to deep Mal Pais. Or do the same and head to Manzanillo. Get a little lost by heading out of town or stay nearby and check out a beach you’ve only heard of. It’s wonderful exercise– with a little bit of adventure. We highly recommend parking by one of our gorgeous beaches for the best show of the night, sunset.

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