Why Costa Rica is #1

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Costa Rica is filled with wonderful scenery, adventurous activities and plenty of culture; there is no reason not to love Costa Rica really. With its plush rain forests, biodiversity, unspoiled beaches, vast mountain ranges and more, its no surprise that Costa Rica continuously ranks at the top of every chart.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are just a few examples on who else thinks Costa Rica is #1.

Pranamar Beach

Global Tourism Monitor Survey

Earlier this year, the Global Tourism Monitor Survey conducted a poll of a total 23,000 travel savvy people across 26 countries worldwide, which destination would they most likely suggest to friends based upon their own experiences, and Costa Rica was named #1.

The participants had to have traveled to their choice destination within the last 12 months, and any negative criticism about recent destinations were subtracted in order to create a net score for each country ranked. Surprisingly no other Latin America country landed in the top 10.

Forbes: The World’s 10 Cleanest Countries

In a recent article from Forbes online, they ranked Costa Rica as the 3rd cleanest country in the world. Stating that its high EPI score, despite being relatively poor & still developing country, Forbes claims that it’s a “…testament to the natural endowments of Costa Rica” and we couldn’t agree more.

The country is dedicated to keeping it not only clean but also preserved. With 25% of its’ land set aside for protected parks & reserves, Costa Ricans are serious about keeping it green. Plenty of homes & hotels use only eco-friendly, sustainable materials while building in Costa Rica in order to keep Costa Rica clean & green.

EarthPorm: The Top 10 Happiest Countries 

Pura vida, meaning “pure life”, is not only a saying in Costa Rica it’s a lifestyle, and a pretty great one! Costa Rica was named the Top #1 Happiest Country, based on various sources including Forbes, the Happy Planet Index and the World Happiness report. With its plentiful natural beauty, pristine beaches and inviting weather year-round, it’s no surprise they take the cake.

Whether you relax on the beach , raft down a river, climb a volcano, surf top breaks or enjoy the rich culture, you can be sure you will have a happy vacation filled with pura vida! Choose the next step & build your new house or business here and experience pure life everyday! A great place to raise a family or retire, Costa Rica is truly a special country.

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