Surf N’ Birds: Professional Drone Photography in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica has been one of the most picturesque backdrops for photography & filming for years, with its plush green rainforests, towering waterfalls, pristine & unspoiled beaches & colorful nature everywhere you look, it is hard not to fall in love with this beautiful country.

Earlier this year here in Santa Teresa we had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Surf N’ Birds , a local aerial photography service, with a twist. These guys use drones to capture their breathtaking footage. Armed with the DJI Phantom 2, Go-Pro camera & F.P.V. these pilot photographers always get their shot.

With 25% of Costa Rica land protected & preserved, drone filming is the perfect way to see just what lays in nature reserves & mountain ranges. Additionally, this is the ideal way to obtain aerial pictures of your property, home or hotel. Like with any exterior photography, weather plays an important part in filming & scheduling here in Costa Rica.

If you are planning on filming your home be sure to consider a few things before scheduling your shoot. Most obviously, the best time to shoot is when all the nature surrounding the property is alive & thriving. Be sure to check & clean all roofs before filming. Remember the property will be seen from above so making sure all is clean & proper before will go a long way in the end.

Mal Pais Drone

If you are a hotel, consider if you would like people/guests in your shots. If organized, it could be a great thing to add to your film, however an unorganized amount of people could end up ruining the film in the end.

If you have a property that needs filming make sure you have the land cleared prior to shooting. This ensures the best visibility in your video and makes it a lot easier on the pilots to navigate around!

Not only perfect for real estate needs, drone filming is becoming quickly popular with surfers, wedding parties & more! With their competitive prices & quick turnaround, Surf N’ Birds is a great way to capture memories, create marketing materials or simply to show you the unseen during your next vacation in Costa Rica.

Typically a session will last between 60-90 minutes, depending on weather, location and clients needs. Pricing is determined by type of aerial shoot you are interested in, and if you would like both still pictures & film footage.

Since starting their venture, they have filmed in Costa Rica, United States, Spain, Sweden & France, however they base their business in Mal Pais and are happy to travel.

Contact them today and book your next session!

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