Benefits of Living By The Beach

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Living by the beach in Costa Rica has its’ obvious benefits & advantages. Waking up to some of the best surf breaks, pristine secluded sand beaches & private tide pools to relax in and of course the amazing Costa Rican sunsets are enjoyed best beachfront here in Santa Teresa. However, besides the obvious benefits there are also scientific tests that prove living by the beach is better for your mind, body & soul. Here are just a few examples why.

Pranamar Beach

One of the beautiful beaches in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

The Sea Air

Most people attribute their good nights sleep at the beach to the calming sounds of the waves, although that may contribute it is really the fresh sea air that helps the body rest easy. If you spend the day at the beach, or sleep beachfront at night, you will find yourself feeling more relaxed, energized & alert. This is due to the sea air being charged with healthy negative ions. These ions accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, in addition to having levels of serotonin, the body chemical linked to stress & mood balance.

The Water

Water is a big part of all our lives. As a baby we are 75 percent water, as we get older we begin to “dry up” and as a result end around 60 percent water. However, our brains remain three-fourths and our bones 31 percent water, so water is with us all right from the beginning. This can explain a bit why when you see or hear the ocean people feel they know they are in the “right spot”.

In his book, Blue Mind, marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols states that our mind & bodies react to water very fondly because “our ancient ancestors came out of the water and evolved from swimming to crawling to walking. Human fetuses still have ‘gill-slit’ structures in their early stages of development,” and the water in our cells “is comparable to that found in the sea.”

The Sun

Sure, too much of anything might not be a good thing but there are plenty of studies showing that a healthy exposure to the sun can actually be quite beneficial. Studies have showed that limited & responsible sun exposure can help protect us against heart disease, depression and even some types of cancers.

In addition to helping protect us against certain things the sunlight can help treat some skin conditions, as well as produce Vitamin D, which is significant since a deficiency in Vitamin D could lead to muscle weakness, immune system complications and even an increased risk of bone fractures.

So while looking to purchase your next second home or investment opportunity, or simply to rent your next holiday here in sunny Mal Pais, Costa Rica consider taking a look at some of our beachfront properties. Living by the beach has never sounded better! Ask your doctor!

Pura Vida!

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