Top Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica

Top Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent

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Many will begin their search for property, whether at home or abroad, with the notion that they will handle it all themselves in an effort to save money. How hard can it be to search through online listings, and getting off the beaten path to search in person can be an exciting prospect of adventure. But, buying a property is a big decision and for many, it can be the largest investment of their lifetime. If something were to go array, it could prove to be catastrophic. This creates the potential for a lot of stress for sellers and buyers alike, especially if the search is successful and buy find a place of interest they are ready to move forward on. As a world leader in global real estate RE/MAX might be a bit bias on the subject, but we at RE/MAX Pura Vida want everyone to be well informed, regardless of how they decide to move forward, so we’ve put together some talking points on why it might be helpful to go through a real estate agent for both buyers and sellers.

Market outlook is something a real estate agent will always be able to provide insight on. In person and on the ground, word of mouth is often a way to get a feel for what property in the area is going for, but that can be inaccurate and time consuming. Sure, the internet can provide some guidance but finding informative overviews of specific areas is easier said than done. Whether buying or selling, knowing what similar homes and properties with like amenities are going for in the area can make certain that homes on the market sell quickly and that all parties feel like winners. Professional negotiation can go a long way in finding compromise on certain aspects that may delay the deal as well, so it can prove to save time as much as money.

Which brings us to another important aspect of real estate. It is a profession, and with that comes astute qualifications, especially in regards to rules and regulations of the area. Laws and taxations are constantly changing and can look vastly different from one nation to another. It can be a lot to brush up on and without proper third party involvement, one could be at the mercy of a seller with greater legal knowledge of the real estate than they. RE/MAX professionals are always up to date on the latest laws and upcoming changes to regulation that could affect sales pricing and timing, so no need to worry if you’re going through an agent.

As a global real estate company, RE/MAX has seen markets fluctuate in many different ways and due to more than just laws and regulation. With so much global experience, RE/MAX agents are able to pull from this knowledge and apply it locally in their specific market to anticipate changes and maximize the outcome of buyer and seller experience. Not only is knowledge and experience linked throughout RE/MAX but also a worldwide network of both public and pocket listings bring together buyers and sellers, so listings can get a maximum exposure under a proven-reliable name and potential new owners can trust they are getting the most options with the best market pricing for the area.

On top of being global, RE/MAX emphasizes locality as well. Hiring local residents to represent areas helps create a trust with clients as well as other local businesses. This often means better deals on local builders, contractors, and inspectors with experience in the nuances of the area in addition to local lawyers with knowledge specific to where you’d like to buy or sell. The process, anywhere can be difficult and stressful, but add in the foreign country factor and it can seem downright overwhelming. There’s a learning curve to every process, but when it comes to real estate knowledge RE/MAX agents have put that learning curve long in the past. As professionals our agents have been through the process you may be dreading time and time again. It’s just a Monday to them, so let us help you make making your dreams come true as easy as it is to dream about them.


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