Real Estate Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

Real Estate Playa Hermosa Costa Rica

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Playa Hermosa is the most exclusive communities of what is considered the Santa Teresa area. Far enough from town to eliminate foot traffic but not so far as to make drives to local restaurants and shops more than a few minutes, this area has both beautiful beachside properties and incredible mountain views. From surf breaks to tide pools, snorkeling to waterfalls, Playa Hermosa is complete with all the makings of a paradise. It’s easy to see why there are a few celebrities that have part-time hideaways here. Go one direction and find the best surf breaks in Costa Rica along with fantastic restaurants, and fun nightlife or take the other and disappear in the picturesque hills and jungles of the countryside and its patches of farmland. Playa Hermosa is a stunning beauty of a location that is unique in its qualities, so RE/MAX Pura Vida wanted to bring to light some of the properties we have that highlight real estate in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica in all the right ways.

Playa Hermosa Beachfront Lot

Only a 5-minute drive from Santa Teresa, boasting white sand beaches and speckled jungle sunshine, this amazing 1735 square meter Playa Hermosa lot has the makings of a perfect getaway. Just steps away from some the best beaches in Costa Rica, there is an option to buy the neighboring lot for a total of 4639 square meters and expand your beachfront real estate. Equipped with electricity already, this is an ideal site to build a small vacation rental surrounded by plush jungle and cool ocean breezes. Lots like these are a fantastic investment and are going quick now that the word is out about how great an opportunity Santa Teresa is.

Playa Hermosa Ocean View Property

Perhaps you’re the type that prefers a quiet mountain side with an eagle eye view of the incoming swells. Never miss a great surf again with this gorgeous 10,000 square meter site. Electricity on a neighboring lot and registered well water means getting a build underway will be short work. You’ll be standing atop your cliffs-edge porch or swimming in your infinity pool watching the most breathtaking sunsets in the world every night before you know it. Any multitude of dreams would sit atop this property more than suitably at such a great price for a large and exclusive build site located in the center of Playa Hermosa like this one. Stop in and get a tour to see the view for yourself.

Prime Playa Hermosa Ocean View Lot

Maybe you’re the type that reads these fantastic things about Playa Hermosa and thinks to themselves, perhaps it sounds like the community could use a few more businesses. Well this expansive hillside lot boasts 3.4 hectares and over 100 meters of public road front. Zoned for commercial or residential this would be a perfect spot to set up vacation rentals and roadside small business rentals or perhaps a retreat center. With schools and a few small boutiques around in addition the beaches, just minutes away, the beautiful lot with beach views could be ideal for residential development. Playa Hermosa screams opportunity in its exclusivity and this site is a versatile investment with its convenient location, size, and stunning views.

Pristine Beachfront Resort & Villas

There are a few turnkey options in Playa Hermosa as well. Moving back down to the beachside, this amazingly designed resort has a white sand landscape and carefully designed domed architecture. Walking around the property is surreal with the whitewash European architecture draped in vines and lattices, the waves crashing in the background and iguanas sitting in nearby coconut trees. Built in 2006 the property boasts three two-bedroom poolside villas, a two-bedroom beach house, and a grand four-bedroom beachfront villa with private patios, balconies, and garage. There are multiple common areas and a spacious rancho near the pool often enjoyed by guests. This incredible 15,000 square meter property is a common location for destination weddings with its private sunset views, exclusive beaches and close vicinity to town.

There is so much about Playa Hermosa to like that it’s hard to get it all into words. Perhaps its best you stop in and see for yourself. RE/MAX Pura Vida recently relocated across the street from our old Playa Carmen location and are in a newly renovated office, so if you’re coming to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world, let us give you a tour of some of the amazing opportunities that could be in your future.

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