A Dream Destination to Raise a Family in Costa Rica

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No matter your family’s age or size, you can realize your dream of moving abroad to raise a family in Costa Rica. Beach towns in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are wonderful destinations for families with children of all ages: a cozy small town with an abundance of friendly faces and opportunities for outdoor living. Costa Rica is a place for all to live, learn, and play!

Families from all over the world dream of raising their children here because of these attractive amenities the area offers:

Family at Sunset

A variety of bilingual private schools

Expats are increasingly seeking to raise their family in Costa Rica due to the wide variety of bilingual school options. As Costa Rica is very foreigner-friendly, expats from all over the world arrive here. Your children would be well-accompanied, as well as by many local English speakers. 

The two private schools in the Santa Teresa / Mal Pais area are: Hermosa Valley School and Futuro Verde. Both of these schools accommodate preschool through high school classes, which are completely bilingual. This means that they offer a unique educational opportunity to immerse your children in both English and Spanish. 

A warm, family-oriented culture

All over the country, on Sundays, families fill the beaches and local parks hosting picnics, barbecues, and soccer games. This trend represents the culture that is dedicated to family days in which everyone eats, enjoys, and relaxes together.

Genuinely friendly people mark the warm Costa Rican culture. Often, business and restaurant owners welcome families with children of all ages, and local “abuelas” treat the kids to a homemade “arroz con leche.” Consequently, your family will be treated as one of the town’s own after meeting the friendly locals. You will hardly be able to turn a corner without running into a familiar face!

Family in Costa Rica

Healthy and natural food choices

Another key point is that many food safety concerns present in other Central American countries are nonexistent in Costa Rica. Your children can even taste almost every fruit and vegetable from the farmers markets, and they will love climbing a mango tree for a fresh snack! 

While it’s important to take normal precautions such as washing a raw fruit or vegetable, even the tap water is generally very safe in most areas of Costa Rica. Be sure to ask your local friends or hosts about drinking water recommendations if you’re unfamiliar with the place. 

Endless outdoor activities, even for your youngest!

Additionally, with the lovely tropical climate, children race around in the grass and sand all day, every day. The Santa Teresa / Mal Pais area offers swimming classes, horseback riding, surfing, pottery, and dance for children year round. There are endless opportunities to find incredible flora and fauna. Therefore, your children will constantly explore the great abundance of nature in Costa Rica.

Children Surfing at Beach

Great value family homes 

Children will not forget the rich experience of living in Costa Rica for a period of time. The ability to grow and meet friends from all over the world, and to explore a country with so much biodiversity, truly is priceless. 

If you have a family or are planning to grow one, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are places with wonderful family home options.

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