Making the Best Return on Your Vacation Rental – Part 2

Part 2 : Seller's Edition

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When looking to sell your Costa Rica vacation rental property…there are a few key areas of focus which will maximize the return investment. In order to make the best return on your home’s sale, here are a few home improvement and listing ideas that add value and appeal to vacation rental investors:

If you’re looking to sell your Costa Rica vacation rental property…

Santa Teresa Patio Terrace

Enhance your property’s value by accentuating features of privacy and serenity

Vacationers come to Costa Rica seeking tranquility and tropical paradise, which means that privacy and natural surroundings go a long way! An easy improvement that any seller can do is to create clear boundary demarcation. This can enhance perceived value as well as increase privacy. 

Consider landscaping, bamboo and/or other natural fencing to demarcate your property, and/or shades for your patio or terrace privacy. 

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Capitalize on potential views or outdoor living spaces

Sometimes potential views are obstructed by overgrown trees, fencing styles, or the location of patio furniture. Take advantage of all of your property’s view potential in order to highlight the destination’s natural beauty.

In addition, a huge draw to Costa Rica’s lifestyle is the potential for outdoor living due to the idyllic climate. Even if your property doesn’t have a view, enhancing the outdoor living spaces is valuable. Some property highlights could be covered patios, sliding glass doors, outdoor features and even hammocks. These amenities invite the buyer to experience the “Pura Vida” lifestyle that vacationers are looking for!

Stage your home for showings!

First impressions are everything, and a staged home allows a buyer to see the full potential of the property. Staged homes sell up to 20% more than non-staged homes. Make sure to clean windows, freshen up paint, and lighten and brighten wherever possible. Each presentation detail will set the tone for a relaxing vacationer’s haven!

If you’re able to list your home with furnishings, you can even display some furniture or decorations as available for sale by offer.

Market your property to a wide audience! 

When listing your property, the marketing strategy is crucially important. That’s why listing with RE/MAX allows for the most visibility for your property, with a far-reaching global network. With a presence in over 110 countries and territories, the RE/MAX network’s global reach is unmatched by any other real estate brand.

Our agents will list your property with professional quality photos, promote the listing through our network database, provide walk through videos, and so much more! Each year, RE/MAX agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home.

RE/MAX Averages more sales than other real estate agents

We want to help you achieve your dream of selling your Costa Rica vacation rental property.

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