Moving To Costa Rica After the U.S. Presidential Election

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At RE/MAX Pura Vida we typically do not touch on political happenings, especially those in North America involving candidates and debates, however after this past Super Tuesday commotion we have felt the strong urge to offer our neighbors to the North some tips and advice on how to move to Costa Rica if your candidate of choice does not win the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election.

Just three short hours after the program aired, Google noticed a 350% spike in the search variations of “How Can I Move To Canada” and by midnight the searches spiked a whopping 1200%. The Canadian Immigration website has reported that over 67,000 sessions were accessed by U.S. IP addresses on this past Tuesday, so we figured instead of Canada let’s suggest a move to beautiful, wonderful, army-free Costa Rica!

The easiest (and quickest) way to come to Costa Rica is as a tourist, using a typical 90-day Tourist Visa. This will give you, and your family, a chance to explore our wonderful country and enjoy all we have to offer, from sunny skies, warm waters, consistent surf breaks, wildlife, jungle and much more! After the 90-days you are free to go to any other country (depending on your citizenship of course) for at least 72-hours and after re-enter Costa Rica for another 90-days, however be warned you will always need to provide a “proof of exit” ticket within the 90-day period when entering Costa Rica.

If you are looking for something a bit more “permanent” you will have to qualify for 1 of 5 ways to apply for residency in Costa Rica. Here are the general definitions of each type of residency*****:

Pensionado: Requires monthly income from a pension source or retirement fund and does not give you the right to work within Costa Rica, however you are able to own a company & receive dividends in Costa Rica. One is allowed to claim a spouse and their dependents 18 years old and younger.

Rentista: Requires a monthly income, or monies deposited into a Costa Rican bank, guaranteed by your foreign banking institution, that will cover your entire family. This residency does not give you ability to work in Costa Rica but again you can own a company and receive monies.

Investor: As an investor in either property or a business in Costa Rica one is able to have their spouse and dependents under 18 claimed, as well as receive income from the business and/or project.

Representante: As a director of a company meeting certain & specific requirements one can work, claim their spouse & dependents, work to earn income from the company and own a company and receive dividends from this company.

Permanent: After three years in one of the above statuses, you are able to apply for permanent residency. Alternatively if you choose to have a baby in Costa Rica or marry a Costa Rican national you will also be eligible. As a permanent resident you may work & receive an income from a company you or someone owns.

Given that we are Costa Rican real estate experts and not residency experts the above definitions are just general ideas, there are of course more details and in-depth requirements that one must obtain to apply.

If you are looking to relocate contact us and we will be happy to help! From relocation, residency and property sales we have a complete database of professionals waiting to help you move!

Pura Vida & hope to see you all in November!

*****These are merely general definitions and information, please contact and consult with a residency lawyer specialist for updated information and questions.*****

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