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Residential Building Lots Under $200k

Building a home, or homes, in Costa Rica can be an exciting time for property owners. After purchasing a property, owners can begin the process of planning and building their new home in paradise. Typically the first step is finding an architect to design the perfect home for the residential land. At RE/MAX Pura Vida we urge clients to hire professionals that are familiar with the Costa Rican building permit process in addition to previous experience building in the area. Since Mal Pais and Santa Teresa are rural beach towns surrounded by plush jungles it is best to use materials that will maintain their quality and uphold during Costa Rican weather conditions (e.g. salt air, tropical rains etc).

Currently we have a few properties listed, priced under $200,000 USD, that are ideal for those looking to build a residential home(s). Depending on the location, budget and space desired our sales agents have various properties that are prime for building. Below are a few listings we have that would be great opportunities for buyers.

Santa Teresa Residential Lot Santa-Teresa-Residential

This centrally located residential lot is located in North Santa Teresa and measures 413 square meters. Included in the purchase price are pre-approved plans for two homes and a swimming pool. Currently the property has French drains, septic tank and a concrete and wood fence surrounding the property. Priced at $150,000 USD.           


Mal-Pais-LotMal Pais Lot 

Just off the main road in Mal Pais this property is 5000 square meters and is a great place to build a residential home. Surrounding the property is plush jungles and the lot itself is perfect for building given its flat & usable land. The property has year-round water and electricity connected. It is a short walk to the beaches of Mal Pais and a short drive to the center of town. Priced at $190,000 USD.


Mal Pais Jungle Lot 

Measuring just over 4000 square meters in Mal Pais, this property boasts privacy, plush jungle surroundings and various fruit trees. A great place to build a home as it is set back from the main road and just a few minutes walk to the beaches. The lot has Mal Pais city water and electricity connected, which makes building and the permitting a much easier process. Depending on the size of the house you can even have an ocean view. Priced at $179,000 USD.


Contact RE/MAX Pura Vida today for more information regarding these properties or any of our listings! Feel free to email us with your inquires as we are committed to helping all our clients find their perfect home in paradise.


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